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Saturday, 26 February 2011

This Jack of all Trades would love to to find out

Departing from book promotions for a minute (*cough cough* check first post), ^_^ my inner fearless child and perhaps inner Angelina Jolie bad motha-shut your mouth version was totally excited when it saw this youtube video. Yes, you see a bunch of cars in the still of the youtube video posted below. But it's what the cars are DOING that's important. When you click play, don't press stop. You MUST watch until the end otherwise you'll miss SO much.

O_O Did you see it? I know, right? Why don't we see more of that kind of stunting in the movies? Can anyone say "Transporter 7" or "Fast and Furious: We Be Driving Again Ya'll"? This Jack of all trades would love to learn car stunting like that. Unfortunately I haven't even parallel parked since my driving test, so I think I'll leave this to the professionals. But hey, you never know. I'm game to try and learn if I had the time, the wheels, the teacher, and the space to do it. And I hope that's not just me. Now let's just make sure the average criminal doesn't know how to drive this way ;-) or at least when in hot pursuits behaves a little more like this...

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