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Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Here’s a fun little idleness challenge for you. Just popped into my head, and since this is where I do my nomadic ramblings, you should've expected stuff like this you silly goose.

Challenge: Write a story/novel in 25 words or less.

Mine I just posted on twitter:

In her lifetimes she’d seen enough wars, seen enough nights & missed enough days. Finally, vampiress Catherine was glad to meet the dawn.

(Hint: My novel short is actually related to a vampire story I just started writing the other day in my spare time. Gotta keep the creative juices flowing.)

 ^_^ If you come up with any of your own, drop it in the comment box or even in your spare time at home try it out.

And if you haven't yet (though I can't imagine why) check out my new debut novel out right here:

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