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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Indie Ebook Spotlight on "Fresh Blood"


Genre: Romance/Paranormal/Erotica (18 and up)
Word count: 39274 (approximate)

Synopsis (From Smashwords)

A desperate call from her missing sister sends Erica Talbot on a dangerous rescue mission. Determined to prevent her twin from becoming a feeder, Erica steps out of her quiet, lonely existence and into a dark underworld where vampires make the rules.

Maxwell Hart is a vampire investigator. Part of his job is to protect humans. The moment he lays eyes on Erica, he knows she doesn’t belong in his world, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting her there.

With Max as her guide, Erica descends into a world where humans willingly give up control to their vampire masters. Posing as Max’s submissive feeder, Erica discovers a strange freedom in relinquishing her hard won self-control to Max.

After just one taste of Erica’s blood, Max finds he hungers for no one else. How can he possess her when drawing her deeper into his dark world will change her forever?


This book is one of the prime examples why you should never judge a book's quality and content solely by its price. This novella is free over at smashwords and this was one of those "can't-put-em-down" reads. The characters Erica and Max were very likable, well-rounded, and the chemistry between these two protagonists was beautifully written. Colgan took my heart around chapter one then kindly handed it back to me by the end of the book. You cared about the characters--so important. I even forgot to add in my goodreads review of this ebook how much I enjoyed the fact that the plot behind this was solid and kept you guessing.

This kind of human seeks vamp help to find loved one plot has been done before, but I liked the vampire detective twist that Colgan took on it. The romance scenes were lovely and captivating. The vixen in me would've loved if they were longer. I wasn't particularly fond of the POV change between the two protagonists always being indicated by "***". I prefer stories where it blends but is still distinct to avoid confusion. But aside from that, this story was great. It shall remain on my kindle. The ending seems to suggest there might be a sequel, and if so, I'll definitely be picking it up.  

If you want this lovely short freebie, head on over to smashwords here.

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