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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Inspiration for "The Mirrors of Fate: Out of the Past"

Immediately when you start to read The Mirrors of Fate: Out of the Past, you pick up on the theme of service, of helping others.  Some ask me where did that come from. That comes from my own experience as a student who had to partake in what our schools called “Community Service.” You go to maybe a hospital, the Salvation Army and you help out those who can’t necessarily help themselves as well as you might be able to. One day years later I started to wonder about whatever happened to those people who, after community service ended, you never necessarily saw again. I remember I used to go to the Salvation Army and help blind students with their homework or with typing. Every now and then, years later, when I drive by the same location, I wonder whatever happened to those students. Did they grow up and are they living happy? Did they migrate? Is everything all right with them? We often forget about others when we no longer are “obligated” to think about them, like the poor man on the street you give money once to and think that should be enough. 

So the initial premise of the story was built around that simple idea of service and how important it is to remember and help others. I started to think, what if when you were a student groaning and moaning about going to community service and completing your mandatory hours, you became entangled in something so much bigger than yourself? What if much more happened when you broke those links and bonds that you built with these people?  And that’s how The Mirrors of Fate series began to unravel itself and form into what it is now. Book 2 takes us above and beyond. Can’t wait to get that out there as well. But for now, enjoy book one. Please pick it up here at

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