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Friday, 4 March 2011

UPDATES! And a deeper look into "The Mirrors of Fate"


My debut novel "The Mirrors of Fate: Out of the Past", book 1 of the Mirrors of Fate series just hit Amazon kindle.

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I'm pretty stoked. We all know that as an indie author, the more places you distribute, the better because it's an uphill battle to get noticed in this crazy world. You can already get the novel here:


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To celebrate today, I'm posting a longer, more delicious synopsis of the first installment of my 3-part series "The Mirrors of Fate" and also discussing about the book cover choice.

About the book

Her academy’s community service programme brought them together. Time and tide drew them apart. From the day Maria met her, she knew that little girl was different. An orphaned seven-year-old whose unnatural ability to recreate the past was even more frightening than the story of her family’s death. Obligatory time at White Crest Hospital soon became treasured time as ninth grader Maria Jaghai became friends with the child who spoke of a living dead brother.

But with the next schoolyear looming and her own less-than-ordinary problems to worry about, Maria Jaghai moved on with her life and didn’t look back upon the child whose name she allowed to become a distant memory. Now as a high school senior, the present is Maria's only concern as she desperately plots to prevent an arranged marriage her parents are planning before she graduates. A new and pleasant distraction comes in the form of a handsome student named Alan, but behind his smiles lie dark intent, and soon the truths about the forgotten little girl and the horrors that haunt the child’s family come crashing down upon her. Maria will quickly learn that you cannot forsake your friends; you cannot control your fate; and you cannot escape the ghosts of your past. To heal the past and secure the future, Maria must leave the world she knows for a world of magic, bloody wars, and fate science. The strange ride into fate begins with this first instalment of “The Mirrors of Fate” series.


Now, on to discussing my book cover. The big question. I’ve had a person or two ask me why I used more animated characters for the book cover, as opposed to a hunky, real-life beef cake and a good-looking bi-racial school girl in breath-batingly close kiss mode. Well, there are a few reasons for that. (And no, it's not because I couldn't afford it lol)

Firstly, prior to truly deciding I was seriously going to be an author because the written word was my calling, I was considering becoming an animator. I love to draw. I love art and photography. I also dreamed of seriously becoming the first black female Japanese-style animator (from Jamaican even! Whoop whoop!) who made legit anime series. Often times the scripts I wrote in my free time were for episodes of cartoon series I had in mind to create when I became a big animator(and interestingly those original script ideas will make their way into stories eventually, trust me.) And I decided later that if I wasn’t going to take that career move, I still needed to facilitate that talent and urge somehow into whatever path I chose. So this is how you get the book cover. I was able to draw it and colour it and that satisfied my craving for drawing and designing.

Also, I know as a reader, sometimes I can get a bit turned off by real life models on book covers that are supposed to portray the protagonists I'm supposed to fall in love with (or hate), especially in romance books. The image in my head never usually looks like the model on the cover and it distracts me from properly kicking back. I don’t know why; that’s just me. It won’t usually (and I say usually) stop me from buying a book however. If the first page gets me or even the blurb, that’s enough. So my intention for the cover was, by using a non-human image, to give more leeway for the reader to create their own mental image. Don’t know if I succeeded, but that was part of the intent anyway, along with the expression of what I also love to do ;-).

Thanks for reading!


  1. Congratulations on completing your first novel! If I were you, I'd be pretty stoked too ;D! I'm working on my 3rd revision.

    As some honest feedback, I might look into the comments from your friend about the cover, though. Readers might assume, wrongly, that the thumbnail for your book is for a graphic novel or some other genre. I know this isn't the kind of feedback you are looking for, but I just wanted to give you my first impression.

    I found your blog through the Author Blogs listing on Kindleboards. So, blame them :D! Just kidding, I do wish you the best of luck on your new novel! Cheers!

  2. Thanks Rex. I actually didn't even think people's first impression would be that it's a graphic novel, but I'll be sure to tackle that ^_^. Thanks a bunch.