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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Virginia Woolf meets a YA author?

I think it's very important as an author to really take time out to look at the feedback you're getting. And since feedback is always quite diverse, I'll try to handle just a bit of what I've been getting from my readers so far about the first installment to The Mirrors of Fate Trilogy.

Firstly, the general consensus is that the prologue is a little difficult to comprehend. I anticipated that for two reasons. One, in the prologue, imagination, reality and dream really blend in a way you don't often come across in books. Was this a Virginia Woolf streaming consciousness type moment? Oh dear, mayhap. But the style some find to be stunning is as equally stunning as the beautiful world Maria and her friend create, so I hope readers find that it fits. The writing specific to the prologue may jar and move you to think, but that's what I was going for. I began writing this in high school and even as a young reader I liked that moment where you stopped yourself in the midst of a book and really did more than just read but analyzed. I hope it doesn't detract too many readers from going beyond to find out how it ties into the story. You want to intrigue, not turn off. EDIT: Forgive me for not mentioning those who did pick up on what was going on. ^_^ I'm glad you guys found no difficulty in it.

Secondly, I see the love-hate responses going on for Maria and "Alan", which I love. It's always interesting to see how individual readers take on different characters. I've heard people say they hate Alan, love-hate Alan, love Alan. I've heard a lot of sympathy for Maria's plight and have even heard the bad vibes towards the character due to her actions from the past. I'm glad to see that the characters are stirring up different emotional responses in my readers. That's all you can ask for. 

Thirdly, as for more different perspectives, I've heard "well-written" from you guys, "well-edited", "lovely style" but I've also heard that the language is a bit complicated. ^_^ Well, not sure what to say to that. Even as a young girl I had a bit of an old soul in me and I loved to read classical works, so I think that comes through in my style. I certainly hope you guys push through and keep a thesaurus or dictionary handy if there's something you come across you don't get. ^_^ I think me, Charlotte Bronte and Virginia Woolf need to have a chat or something. lol

Hopefully you guys will stick around to see what happens in the second installment though. Until then, for those who haven't yet, please check out my website to see where you can check out the first installment to The Mirrors of Fate Trilogy. List of outlets growing. HERE!


  1. Can you just imagine what would come of that chat between Charlotte Bronte and Virginia Woolf? It would either be really funny or very scary.:-P

  2. lol O_O I can only imagine it.

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