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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

It's April. Who gives a hoot?

Who gives a hoot? I hope you do. You know you like my convenient owl gif ;-). I've got some more feature updates for my debut novel The Mirrors of Fate: Out of the Past and some important articles for all you indies out there. First off, I've gotta say, I love these blogs, sites, and organizations that go above and beyond to support the indie authors globally. A special shout out to the Indie Book Collective. I discovered them on twitter actually. This is a great place with awesome articles and supportive information for indie authors out there. And their tweets are often, for lack of better rephrasing, a swift kick in the butt for when you're slacking off on the writing and promotions level. A very awesome place and I recommend a follow!

So updates!

--> Just got a feature on Spalding's Racket! The blog that "makes a noise about indies on the internet!" If you've read "Life...With No Breaks" by Nick Spalding, then you know who this nice little place belongs to.
--> Had some recent features on those constantly-rotating cyber twitter dailies. Had my book trailer featured on Between the Lines daily. Definitely proud of that. ^_^ If you haven't seen the trailer for the ebook, please check it out here. When a trailer is this good, and this well-synched, (tooting my own horn here but I'm def. proud of it) you've just gotta ask how come this was all FREE?

--> Had my "99th page feature" of my book shown on a Fridayreads Daily. Thank you all for checking it out. That little tasty appetizer from the book can be consumed over yonder, although I'm kind of more in love with the more recent appetizer from the book here. VERY intense when "Alan" tries to figure out his consuming emotions for Maria. (And pardon my way of interchanging book and ebook in the same breath. Force of habit. This is a nice afforable ebook right now.)

--> Also got featured on the Self-published author daily. My article "Do you Really Need an Editor?" for all you indie authors out there can be found here. It's an imperative question you have to ask if you're looking at not only putting out a good product, but pumping out your works faster than the competitive traditional houses.

--> EDIT! On April 7th, TODAY I'm featured on this awesome indie-supporting book blog INDIE BOOK BLOGS with Q&A to boot! Read it here.

That's it for now guys. Thanks for tuning in. :-) Back to my work in progress.

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  1. You're on the move! Good for you! I visited Spalding's Racket, great blurb, it's a good blog too, so I'm glad you mentioned it.

    This is my first visit to your blog, found you on Book Blogs, but I'll be checking in for sure, you're one to watch! I hope to get my fiction writing off the ground this year. I have always dreamed of being a writer and the only thing in my way is me...LOL

    I do some freelance online writing and work in the insurance industry by day. I have learned so much from blogging (started my blog in Nov), it's an amazing journey.

    Congratulations and continued success.

  2. Thanks a lot Stacey! ^_^ I really appreciate the good wishes. I'm working hard. Good luck with all your writing. It's tough but severely fun :).

  3. Cindi! I'm so glad I decided to find out what you're up to. I found the new link and wow, what a great post. So many useful links and shout outs. This is astounding stuff. I have exactly four tabs to go read now.

  4. I'm definitely trying Ellen and working as hard as I can. :) I've also got a WIP doing, so it's hectic, but I'm loving the adrenaline rush of promoting and writing at the same time. lol :) Thank you for the support.