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Friday, 29 April 2011

The Wedding the World Watched

Congratulations to Kate Middleton and Prince William! I tried to stay up until 3 am my time to watch the wedding, but fell asleeeeeep! Aaaaargh! But I woke up just in time for the rush to Buckingham Palace and the two kisses on the balcony. Not mega swoon-worthy kisses, but the second one was much better. The first kiss was just a bashful warm up ;-). Who wouldn't be a bit bashful in front of hundreds of thousands of people at your wedding? Adorable couple. *Sigh* I think when I was a wee lass I imagined marrying Prince William one day! lol  ;-). Ah well, as a CNN anchor just said, "Prince Harry is still available!" Haha ha!

Now I go back to watching the wedding rebroadcast. I wish these two all the best! In case any of you are trying to find some of the best links on the wedding and video, I've gathered some of them for you. Be sure to comb through 'em.

 For a Rebroadcast of the wedding and proceedings. The Royal Family's official Youtube channel
Royal Wedding Highlights (courtesy of the Telegraph)

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress in Pictures

The second BETTER kiss video

A throwback to the Charles and Diana. (video kiss and procession)

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