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Friday, 1 April 2011

Why Did I Kiss Her?

The last excerpt that I featured from The Mirrors of Fate: Out of the Past was all about high school student Maria. We saw her world slipped from underneath her feet when she heard the words she never wanted to hear from Alan: "I'll be leaving." And at the very end of that tasty 99th page feature, we got a mere flicker of the cruel fire that exists within this volatile, tempered character. (Read it here). But even Alan is not immune to emotions of the heart, and when Maria unsuspectingly breaks down his defenses, he forces himself to return to his plan of revenge.


No matter how long it took, no matter how many it took, he refused to stop until the thoughts melted away with the burn. But why wasn’t it working?
The first one, to help his mind escape. The hundredth, to force it to. But no matter how many reps he did, there seemed no escaping the shameful memory of what he had allowed to happen between him...him and that damn girl.
The sweat beads drowned his face. Getting carried away was his fault and no one else’s. He had only meant to kiss her, not to become so entrapped in the moment like a damn schoolboy.
To have kissed her. Touched her. Why did he? No. He knew the answer. To continue the game. But what confused and irritated him beyond belief was why he felt as entranced by the moment at her house as she had obviously been. As long as the kiss continued to plague him, he was going to avoid Maria until he set his damn mind right.
Another surge of repulsion with himself urged him to move faster, to block the thoughts by any means necessary. In the darkness of his apartment, his arms pumped his body up and down faster in his pushups, his hatred amplifying his adrenaline. The sweat streaming, the tom-tom heart racing, and the ground shrinking and growing with every dizzied rise and fall to the depleted rhythm of insufficient short grips of breath all blocked rationality, and then guilt.
When he eventually collapsed onto his back to catch his breath, thoughts of her melted away into nothingness, and as he nursed air in beaten lungs, he nursed his determination once again. His task here had to be completed before his short time grew even shorter.

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