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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Writer and her lenses

^_^ Time for a 30% blog post. Taking a mini-break from writing, which I totally need since I've been burning the midnight oil like a mad woman. One thing you probably don't know about me that I decided to share today is that I like to collect contact lenses. I have a nice little collection, from the simple to the odd and to the unique. Why you ask? Because I decided long ago that if I'm gonna wear contact lenses for my vision, they better look awesome ;-). And as a Gemini I admittedly get bored fast, so I've gotta keep switching it up. So far at least I have gone between the Western brand Cibavision for simpler but still eye-popping results, and also Korean brands for when you just want to throw convention out the door. Here are some of the ones I've tried and loved.

Super Nudy Gray (Korean)
From: The Geo Big Eye Series
Manufacturer: Geo Medical Ltd

Here's what the general description of the lens says: GEO NUDY EYE has a great big eye effect. The dark black ring make your eyes look bigger and create that stylish with the added natural color. GEO MEDICAL invented innovative dyes engineering technology dying process. Unlike Pigment type contact lens, Geo lenses help transfer Oxygen through Lens. Aurora effect of dyes express natural and mysterious color. With ionized dyes and more water for your eyes therefore, its even more comfortable.(

My take: When I bought my first pair of "big eye" lenses, my concern was comfort and breathability. But thankfully, having worn GEO for years, I'm glad to report that not only are they comfortable but my eyes never typically get dry in them, which still surprises me today because you think that big lenses should be drying out your eyes like the Sahara desert. The above pic was taken in NATURAL LIGHT by the way.

Sterling Gray (Freshlook)
From: Freshlook Colorblend Series
Manufacturer: Cibavision

This is one of my favourites from Freshlook. They look gorgeous in flash or otherwise. Freshlook contacts are comfortable, although I do find that I have to lubricate with eye drops more frequently than I do with the big lenses from Korea. I think anything from Freshlook in general is pretty gorgeous though.

More from Freshlook (Violet):

Okay, I have a ton others, but this was supposed to be a short post :-/. Always be careful where you purchase your contact lenses. I live all the way in the islands. I've had great experiences with purchasing my Korean-branded lenses from and also ^_^ Hopefully I can share with you all more of the lenses I collect, but it's back to writing for me. ;-) This vampire fic won't write itself.