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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Busy as a beaver building a dam

Eeek! It's been so long since I've written a blog entry. But I've become even more uber busy lately, which I didn't think was possible :-/. First I was writing like a madwoman for the last month, focused entirely on that until I even got a bit (understatement) sick because I was so one track-minded on writing. It's safe to say that whenever I get into something, I REALLY get into it. Yeah, that's the OCD, perfectionist in me I suppose :-/ *sigh*. And now for the last week or so I'm working on a logo for a water company. In the last week and a half I've come up with over 25 samples. Didn't know I like to draw and fiddle with photoshop and graphics? Then you probably haven't seen my book cover for The Mirrors of Fate: Out of the Past Book 1 which I designed myself....

You can also get the ebook at these outlets :-D  HERE 
I've also considered taking up some business and finance courses because I'm also pretty interested in money management. So yeah, I've been a pretty busy girl. I hope my writing doesn't have to take a backseat, but for the last week it has, and for me a week of a break feels like an eternity. I'm sure you other writers can relate ;-). I can't even imagine what it would be like to be a mother and having to deal with a cute little crying baby on top of what I already have to do. And I still need to see about releasing Book 2 to the Mirrors of Fate trilogy, but aaach I haven't even begun to think of a proper editor. Who knows where the heck this crazy girl will end up. I know though that whatever I put my hands to I always try to bring out the best result, so I can rest assured that whatever I do do, it's 100% going in. lol Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if Harold Camping's rapture prediction had come true. I could be in heaven stress-free eating grapes ;-). Well, I thank God all the same that He's helping me work hard in everything I'm doing. 

This is Cindz signing out ;-)